Your contribution to the Perry County Museum allows us to serve the community with exhibits, educational opportunities for students and public programs such as history tours, lectures and other outreach partnerships. Thank you for your support of the Perry County Museum!

Membership is instrumental to everything we do at the Perry County Museum, yet membership dues cover only a portion of the museum’s annual operating costs. Support the organizations most immediate needs by making a fully tax-deductible donation to the Museum.

Checks can be mailed to:

Perry County Museum, Inc.
PO Box 36
Cannelton, IN 47520

Financial donations to the Perry County Museum play a crucial role in several ways:

  1. Exhibit development: Donations can contribute to the creation and development of new exhibits. Designing and constructing exhibits requires funding for research, curation, graphic design, artifact acquisition, display materials, and interactive elements. Your financial support can help cover these expenses, enabling the museum to create engaging and informative exhibits for visitors.
  2. Artifact preservation: Museums often rely on donations to preserve and maintain historical artifacts. Funds can be used to implement proper conservation techniques, such as cleaning, restoration, and climate control systems. Preserving artifacts ensures their longevity and allows them to be showcased in exhibits, providing visitors with a tangible connection to history.
  3. Display enhancements: Donations can help enhance the visual and interactive aspects of exhibits. For example, funds can be used to upgrade display cases, lighting systems, audiovisual equipment, or interactive displays. These enhancements improve the overall visitor experience, making the exhibits more immersive and engaging.
  4. Interpretive materials: Donations can support the creation of interpretive materials that accompany exhibits, such as informational panels, labels, brochures, or multimedia presentations. These materials provide context, historical background, and educational content to help visitors better understand the exhibit's significance. Funding can ensure the production of high-quality and informative materials.
  5. Educational programs and outreach: Financial contributions can aid in the development and implementation of educational programs related to exhibits. Museums often organize workshops, lectures, guided tours, or school programs to engage visitors of all ages. Donations can help cover the costs of materials, outreach efforts, and transportation, making these programs more accessible to the community.
  6. Maintenance and infrastructure: Donations can support the general upkeep and maintenance of the museum's facilities. This includes maintaining exhibit spaces, climate control systems, security measures, and general infrastructure. By providing funding for these ongoing expenses, donations ensure that exhibits are well-preserved and accessible to visitors.

Financial donations, regardless of their size, make a meaningful impact on the ability of the Perry County Museu to develop, maintain, and enhance exhibits. They enable the Museum to continue sharing their collections, preserving local history, and providing educational experiences for the community.