Artifact Donation FAQ

How does the Museum collect items?
Over 95% of the Museum's collection is from the generosity of donors.

If you have artifacts, documents, or photos you believe would complement the Museum's collection, please contact the Museum.


What kind of artifact donation does the Museum accept?
The museum accepts donations of historic artifacts that help in meeting our mission of preserving and promoting Perry County and it's communities cultural heritage. The Museum relies on the generosity of donors to enhance and expand the collections.

Items may have specific historical significance, be a period piece used by Perry County citizens or a product/good produce by a Perry County business or person.


How do I donate an artifact to the Museum?
To make an artifact donation, contact the museum and the curator or president will discuss arrangements with you. A donor form will be completed along with an deed of gift form transferring the item to the Museum.


Will the Museum appraise my donation for its monetary value?
No. The Perry County Museum cannot legally provide an appraisal for artifact donations. The Tax Reform Act of 1984 bars museums and other donee organizations from providing appraisals for a donor's tax-deductible object. In addition, many professional codes of ethics prohibit museum staff from providing monetary appraisals.

However, professional appraisers will perform this service for a fee. Contact your tax professional for guidelines on appraisal of gifts to charitable organizations.


Can I take a tax deduction for my donation?
The Perry County Museum is recognized as a charitable organization, thus the fair market value of your donated artifacts is generally tax deductible. To ensure you receive the maximum benefit, it is recommended you consult with your accountant or tax professional.


Will my donated items be on exhibit?
The Museum cannot guarantee your artifact or items will be exhibited. The museum likes to regularly rotate exhibits and allow items to "rest" in storage for later exhibits.


If I donate something to the Museum, will it be returned upon my request?
The Museum cannot return accessioned collection materials to the donor. Once the Museum accepts your donation, you will be asked to sign a deed of gift, which legally transfers ownership of the item to the Museum.