Perry County First Families

On November 1, 2014, Perry County celebrated it's Bicentennial with a day of festivities and a First Families of Perry County ceremony hosted by the Lafayette Spring Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Over the course of the ten months prior to the event, families were encouraged to research their genealogy to locate their ancestors living in Perry County during the years 1814-1865. 

The list below is not an exact or complete list of all the early settlers to Perry County. This list consists of the ancestors submitted during the application process by those family descendants.

Special thanks to Molly Hall with the Lafayette Spring Chapter of the DAR, and Cindy Kaufman with the genealogy department at the Perry County Library for their work with helping people with their forms and verifying records. 

Download the program from the event.

To Contribute your Family to this Project
Trace yougenealogy to a "Perry County First Family" and you can earn a certificate, lapel pin, and be recognized as a decendant of one of Perry County's early settlers on this website. The program is $10.00 for the first certificate and lapel pin. You can do a supplement on a different family line and receive the certificate for $5.00. The certificate will state your name and that you are descendant of your ancestor and his/her name and the date of when they first came to Perry County. 

Time frame is from our beginning to 1865 to qualify for a First Family of Perry County.  

Download a worksheet to help document your Perry County First Family 



George Alvey
John Baptist Alvey
Mary Lake Alvey
Thomas Green Alvey
John Plecher Basinger
David Blocher
Thomas Bolin
John Bristow
Alexander Bryant
John H. Cart
John B. Cassidy
Robert Champion
John "Jack" Connor
Sarah Speake Connor
Terrence Connor
Sarah Henry Cummings
Thomas Cummings
William Cummings
Jonathon Davis Esarey
George Ewing
John Farris
James Faulkenborough
Margaret Connor Frisbie
Suzannah Hills Goble
William Goble
John Groves
Jesse Hall
Isaac Hardin

Samuel Harding
John Arnold Hargis
Daniel Hays
Abraham Hiley 
James Hills
Daniel Hinton
Homer Z. Hull
Sarah Ailsworth Hull
Ansel Hyde
Mary Ann Kyler Hyde
Samuel Hyde
Isaac Riley Kellems
George Lanman
Mary VanWinkle Lanman
James Lanman
James Taylor Lanman
Jacob Lasher
Robert Lawrence
Samuel Main
Lemuel Mallory
Barbara Bloucher Bristow Mason
Samuel Mason
Granville McCallister
James McDaniel
Zephaniah Miles
Susannah Sampley Miller
William Henry Miller
William Mitchell

Parmelia Hall Niles
Robert Niles
Samuel Parks
John Peckinpaugh
Charles Polk
Elizabeth Barnes Rhodes
Henry Rhodes
Thomas Rhodes
Andrew Robinson
James Rowley
Thomas Sandage
Louisa Jarboe Sapp
William Sapp
Adam Shoemaker
Catherine Winchell Simons
Charlotta Noble Simpson
Thomas Simpson
Isaac Spencer
Casper Stonemets
Israel Sweat
John Daniel Taylor
Nancy Hyde Taylor
John Terry
Benjamin Trenary
Alexander VanWinkle
Jacob Weatherholt
John Winchell
Thomas York


Ann Marie Albert
William Basinger
Andrew Batson
Samuel Brown
Charles Courcier
John Courcier
Mary Redgrave Courcier
Johnson Cravens
Gertrude Wesling Daming
John Henry Daming
Elizabeth Elisah Gelarden
Jacob Gelarden
Antoinette Devillez Gelarden
Henry Joseph Gelarden
Henry James Gelarden
Daniel Goble
Louisa Lanman Goble

John Lewis Goble
Andre' Goffinet
Jean Goffinet
Mary Josephine Meunier Graves
Pierre Adolph Graves
John Baptiste Guillaume
Jesse Hudson Hall
William Hinton
Charles Holman
John Riggs Hyde
Antoinette Jacob James
Joseph James Jr.
Joseph James
Pauline Goffinet James
Jean Francois Kergen
Edward Kessner
Lucinda Strange Lawalin 

Mary Simpson Lawalin
Sylvester Lawalin
Thomas Isaac Lawalin
Catherine Block Leimgruber
Frank Leimgruber
Julianna Leimgruber
Caroline Courcier Marcilliat
Jean Baptiste Marcilliat
Jean Joseph Meunier
Mary Josephine Lambert Meunier
Mary Miller
Andrew Peter
Hiram Simpson
Robert M. Snider
John Sutcliffe
Louisa Terry 


Peter Aders
Henry Ahlf
Parthena Euphresia Batson
Johann Bocoly
Herman Brinksneader
Andrew Jackson Brown
Daniel Boone Bryant
Frances M. Rouse Bryant
James M. Cooper
Aaron Cronin
Nancy Dean
Anton Dickman
Joseph Dupont
John Eigel
Margaret Noddings Bell Ellison
William Ellison
Jean Baptiste Etienne
Johann Feix
Johann Nicholas Fenn
Adolph Fishback
Emanuel Flamion
John Gayer
Elizabeth Genet George
Frank George
Bernard Gerber
John Herman Hagedorn
Mary Angst Hanebuth
Henry Hanebuth
Jules Harbaville

Reuben Thomas Harrison
Conrad Hauenstein
Jefferson Hawkins
John Peter Heck
Isaac Milford Hobbs
Jacob Huber
Jean Francois Hubert
Frederica Amelia Kieser Huck
John W. Huck
Thomas Irvin
Mary M. Pierrard Jacob
Lambert Jacob
Alphonse James
Mary Catherine James
William Judge
Charlotte Kaufman
Michael Keating
Frances Arnold Keiser
Philip Keiser
Henry Kleaving
Jacob Lambert
Mary Josephine Lambert
Peter LeClere
Martin Leisner
Robert Mosby
Karl Adolph Neumann
Mannas Wolfgang Neyenhaus
George Godard Paulin
Frank Pfeifer
John Ress
George Thomas Rhodes
Jacob Rickenbaugh
Margaret Schank Rudolph
Christian Saalman
Jessie D. Sandage
Johannes George Schaefer
Peter Martin Schank
Carl H. Schlensker
Martin Schneider
John Senn
Anna Morrell Singleton
David Singleton
Lydia Singleton
Charles Snyder
Harvey Holcomb Stowe
Andrew Taylor
Francois Joseph Thomas Thiery
Margaret Duparque Thiery
John H. Thiery
Mary Catherine James Thiery
John Wallis
James Smith Worthan
Anna Ellen Kellems Yeakle
Peter Yeakle
Kasper Zuelly


Frederick Anderegg
Henry Boerste
John Herman Briggeman
Catherine Saunders Dunlevy
Michael Dunlevy
John Gengelbach
Catherine "Katie" Krieg 



Johannes Labhart
Henry Ludwig
Albert Alexander May
Mary Kendley May
Francis Robert Pannett
Louisa Chewning Pyle
William Henry Harrison Pyle



Anna Marie Fischer Schwartz
Nicholas Schwartz
Andreaus Frederick Speidel
Katherine Lenz Speidel
Margaret Matilda Lawalin Taylor
Carolina Weidman